Application for Public Access to Records (FOIL)

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) allows an individual to request existing public records from the agency responsible for maintaining those records. The County of Onondaga has a designated Records Access Officer that is responsible for accepting and responding to FOIL requests.

To make a request for existing public records, please complete the electronic form or complete the hard copy form at the bottom of the page and return it to the Records Access Officer of the County of Onondaga. If the records exist in an electronic format, you will be provided with the records requested in an electronic format unless otherwise requested below. If the records do not exist in an electronic format, the Records Access Officer will contact you to inform you how you can obtain a copy of the requested records and the fee for those copies or where you can inspect the records without charge. If the document exists in both electronic and hard copy, the County reserves the right to determine in which format the records will be made available.

When you submit this form, FOIL allows the County five (5) business days to make the record available, deny access to the record with reason, or acknowledge receipt of your request and inform you of the time-frame required to respond to your request. You will receive a copy of your request mailed to the email address you provide. If you do not receive a copy of your request, your submission was not successful.